The Best Hotels in Duluth MN

Discovering a excellent hotel when you’re on a journey in Duluth isn’t actually quick, since there is so many options! Obviously, you can choose something out of the same Duluth handbook that everyone and their brother has owned during the last five years, but that does not imply you’re going to have a nice experience (in reality, it might nearly promise a lousy one!). Rather, it’s really a good idea to do a little bit of research, using your friend the Web. Locals will invariably be aware of the better places to stay in their own city, just what the best rooms are, and the optimum times of year to visit their top parts of the city. But you don’t need to be going up to anyone you meet in the airport terminal in Duluth, requesting their tips. So as a substitute, we’ve put together a brief listing of our 3 favorite hotels in Duluth for you. These are the ones we would suggest to our friends when they arrive to visit – but because we don’t want you to imagine we’re merely being biased, below are the comparisons from

1. Sheraton Duluth Hotel
301 E Superior St
Duluth, MN 55802

(218) 733-5660…

What a stupendous hotel right in the heart of Duluth!

Complimentary parking, decent rates, pet-friendly at no extra cost, nice pool and spa, and walking distance from much of the area attractions and restaurants. The beds are extremely comfortable, one side has great views of the lake, the bathrooms are spacious, showers are more than comfortable, and each room has a large flat-screen television.

FYI… parking is found in the enormous parking structure behind the hotel, accessible from 1st Street. Take a green ticket to enter, and park in a none-hourly parking space (2nd level, I think). There is a sky-way connecting to the hotel, and once you check in your room keys get you in’n’out of the lot.
-Cullen H.
Minneapolis, MN



2. Beacon Pointe Luxury Resort
2100 Water St
Duluth, MN 55812

(877) 462-3226

We drove from Minneapolis to Duluth for a fun weekend trip and stayed at Beacon Pointe Resort and can’t be happier.  When we checked in and this hotel is bright, clean and you can tell it is brand new.  We also received a free upgrade, and that suite is AWESOME! The service is great and the free breakfast is even better.  We went out in Duluth last night, and then came back and made smores (free from the hotel) outside by the lake.  We will stay there again!

-Keith M.
Minneapolis, MN



3. South Pier Inn-On the Canal
701 S Lake Ave
Duluth, MN 55802

(218) 786-9007

Located right by the Aerial Bridge @ the South Pier, this hotel has completely exceeded my expectations. The view was absolutely fantastic, and the room had a private balcony, fireplace and jacuzzi. The staff was friendly and helpful, and if you cross the bridge you have access to all the shopping/dining experiences in the Canal Park area. It doesn’t get better than this.

DEFINITELY *the* place to stay in Duluth. I will be back for sure.
-Mario R.
Rochester, MN

We’re almost certain one of the 3 there will suit your style! Duluth is well-known for each of these hotels (and more!), since tourism is so important to our wonderful and vibrant metropolis. If it turns out you’ve stopped at one of these dining establishments and you are unhappy, send us a message to tell us! Or, if you have ever uncovered a concealed gem on your own, please show it to us so that we can update our web site to assist the next visitors!